Pre/Post Natal Massage


Massage is extremely beneficial during the pre & post natal period. It is nurturing for both mother and baby and helps to provide a calm, bonding time in the womb and out.

This a combination of classical massage, shiatsu techniques and acupressure. The massage takes place in a side position with the bump fully supported and is helpful throughout pregnancy as well as in labour. Skilled massage is a wonderful way to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional stress that can accompany pregnancy. It relaxes the mind and body, relieves muscular tension, promotes well-being and allows for improved sleep.

As a pregnancy massage therapist, Beccy really loves working with expectant mothers. The techniques she employs can help enormously with the specific physical discomforts that each trimester can bring. And post partum, it is amazing what a little care and attention can do to get a woman back on her feet and firing on all cylinders.

Post-Natal Massage
After the birth, post-natal massage can provide an invaluable opportunity for mother's to allow time for self-nurture. Ideally, all new mothers would have a massage as soon after birth as possible, to help the muscles release the muscle memory of labour, gently aid healing and help with spinal realignment. These are all important factors in helping your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Post-natal massage can be easily done with your baby tucked up beside you, or feeding.

Labour Massage
For those interested in on-the spot support support during the birth itself, labour massage can help ease early labour pain, keep mother and baby calm, strengthen and aid contractions, and help you and your partner bond even more deeply by giving them a very important role to play in the birth of your baby. Beccy also teaches birth partners some gentle massage techniques to support mums to be in the run up to and throughout labour itself.This can help you and your partner bond even more deeply and can provide them with a very important role to play in the birth of your baby.

Treatments are offered by Beccy Hands.

Single appointment: £55 (60 mins)

Single appointment: £80 (90 mins)
Discounted block booking schemes are available

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