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    Quiet moments of meditation.
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    Hands in Prayer
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    Offerings to Ganesh in the Hampi Studio
  • Intense and focused Sunday morning Mysore practice.
  • Buddha bathing in sunlight outside our Shala.
  • Energising led class in the Mysore studio.
  • Unity and community – tai-chi and qigong workshop
  • Easing out the stresses
  • Reaching for the skies...
  • High-energy dynamic led class

The Shala is a well-established yoga and Pilates centre with a reputation for inspirational teaching.

Our focus is on offering a personalised service to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through yoga, Pilates and holistic therapies.

  • The teachers you have at The Shala are wonderful, so supportive and positive, accepting of all of our different ‘places’ and directions of travel. It’s such a commendable achievement to have set up a place where this is possible – for everyone. I feel like finally I am myself again, such a powerful thing!

    - BK
  • A life changing experience.

    - SR
  • Arriving here is like pressing the reset button...it is so tranquil and calming.

    - SR
  • A beautiful, blessed space. Such positive energy.

    - MS
  • My deep heartfelt thanks for this beautiful haven you have created. As soon as I stepped through the doors I knew it would be okay. The whole atmosphere, attitude of teachers, teaching style, non egocentric caring ethos enveloped me. I felt safe and welcomed. Thank you for bringing me back to yoga.

    - BK